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Katrina Antonovich – Americas Top Interior Designer

 Katrina Antonovich – Americas Top Interior Designer


As the CEO and Chief Designer of Luxury Antonovich Design, Ms. Katrina Antonovich has become a very popular personality in the world of Architecture and Interior design Industry international. From the one of the prominent Family which is also extremely related with the Architectural and Interior Design Business, Ms. Katrina Antonovich has been accomplished the highest degree of Educational attainment in Architectural academic Education in a world capital of regal Luxury. The basis of her work is from every inspirational and idealistic point of view which comes naturally in her creative mind. Her amazing ability to look into the future of architecture and design, to serve our valued customers and clients with all the subtleties associated with the demands, and to create true masterpieces of luxury, make the LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN handwriting recognizable worldwide. And now, her name has become started to create a very nice popularity in the USA as she has perfectly done the projects in the country.

Working with Creativity

Ms. Katrina Antonovich is always making sure that she performs every work with her personal touch in every project that the team is creating. She is very hands-on when it comes to working and this is another reason why the Luxury Antonovich Design is always performing a very unique and exclusive design like no other and never been repeated. And since that the USA is very dear to Ms. Katrina’s heart, she is always assured that the team is working with the full capacity of creativity.

Passion towards Every Work 

“Love your Work and you will not feel like working at all” This saying is perfectly suited with the Luxury Antonovich Design Team. It was indeed very nice to work with a place surrounded by ​​​​​​​ positive people with a complete passion and inspiration towards every work. Having this most positive ​​​​​​​mindset will not be possible without the very good Managing skills that Ms. Katrina Antonovich is providing to all her people. And this might the best reason why Ms. Katrina Antonovich has become the newest Americas Top Interior Designer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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