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Crystal Chandelier — Bold Trend Of Your Interior


Crystal has always been associated with luxury and wealth. And today the lamps from this material, forcing any interior to come to life, are very popular. Sharing the light in its purest form has become the main motto of our Luxury Antonovich Design factory, which for many years has been creating more than just lighting devices. Working with a fragile and beautiful crystal, Luxury Antonovich Design designers create exclusive chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps that turn the world around us into a beautiful and harmonious place to live. According to experts of the factory, enchanting crystal and natural light together form a special, magical aura, a positive source of light, which, like a kaleidoscope, dispels joy in people's lives.

Currently, crystal chandeliers by Luxury Antonovich Design are considered as favorite items in the interior layout. More and more homeowners would like to have exclusive crystal chandeliers from our production. Designer crystal chandeliers, presented in different styles and sizes, are suitable not only for a spacious living room or dining room. You can also place them in small bedrooms or art deco bathrooms.


To produce a stunning effect, only the best crystal crystals are selected for the manufacture of elite chandeliers. These crystals are able to capture and refract light, the light is delicate and gorgeous. The combination of innovative technologies, natural materials and modern forms allows Luxury Antonovich Design to create exclusive chandeliers with uncompromising quality. The suspension system, cables and supporting materials are all extremely important. Paying particular attention to the choice of raw materials, in the manufacture of products, our specialists use the highest quality fittings and crystal that can be found in the world. Each of the thousands of tiny brilliant-cut crystal pendants is attached with nickel-plated rings, and the frame is always made of polished stainless steel or high-purity copper.

Crystal chandeliers by Luxury Antonovich Design- this concept brings together a huge variety of lamps and lighting solutions for your home. Chandeliers of various design will organically fit and add aesthetics and comfort to any interior. With one or several shades, with various lampshades and their forms — everything is at your choice and taste. Regardless of size, they will decorate the interior of a small room, as well as emphasize the style of a country house. The choice is yours...

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