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Cozy Dining Room Interior Design in Florida


Beautiful, cozy, and comfortable. These are the three most distinctive characteristics of this magnificent dining room interior design by the group of top interior designers: Luxury Antonovich Design. The huge dining area has all the elements that you need in a dining room. From floor to ceiling, you will see a stunning work of art.

Tables and chairs
The dining area would not be done without its main focal point: the tables and chairs. With this creation by Luxury Antonovich Frdign, we made sure that everyone in the family will have the right space in their dining experience. The colors of the dining are superb and the utilization of gold as accent colors is magnificent. Each and every part of the dining area is focused on the dining table and chairs because of its grandness and magnificence. Luxury Antonovich Design also made sure that the right utensils are utilized with enough space. The furniture is well placed with each other.

Katrina Antonovich has the best team for interior design
Katrina Antonovich has the best team for interior design

The carpet design has an abstract flowy texture which adds to the coolness of the room. Often times, brown color can be seen as a serious color hence it is important to have someone professional to play with brown tones. Luxury Antonovich Design has decided to make the carpet more playful to give a different take on the usual color of brown.

best interior house design
best interior house design

Luxury homes would not be complete without the utilization of chandeliers. However, chandeliers can be boring and can look very dated. Modern homes, even the luxury ones, don't put chandeliers anymore; however, in order to still be able to incorporate it, the interior designer should be able to come up with a creative way of showing a chandelier. In this chandelier by Luxury Antonovich Design, we created a beautiful customized chandelier made just for the richest in the city. The design is dynamic and has all the elements that you need.

top interior design florida
top interior design florida

Proper indoor planting should be considered in order to give additional breathing life in your home. Similar to the photos posted in this article, Luxury Antonovich Design has always been utilizing plants to give nature inside the home. Plants are good decoration and also a good way to add color to your home.

 best interior design florida
best interior design florida

Often times, people disregard the design of their walls. Do you want it plain? Or do you want it decorated? Luxury Antonovich Design and its top interior designer Miami has come up with clean and beautiful white walls that the client can play and decorate with. The white clean walls are partnered with additional ambient lights to have a more peaceful look and feel.

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