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Best Luxury Interior Designer in the USA – Katrina Antonovich

Prestigious Creations by Katrina Antonovich 

Katrina Antonovich is the creator of the most luxurious residential properties located in different prime areas and cities in the USA. Every prestigious house is owned by different elite personalities and VIP’s that requires very high standards in design and every design composition. As the most luxurious interior designer, Katrina Antonovich specializing in the use of different advanced technology in every design executions that will meet the American standards in every detail as required. With her self-owned multinational company that deals with architecture and interior design, Katrina Antonovich manages to bring out the best design ideas and architectural solution in every project most especially for every residential project. 

Aside from its head office in Dubai UAE, Luxury Antonovich Design has its own office in Astana Kazakhstan, and Miami Florida USA which has been providing the highest standards of architecture and interior design solutions for different prestigious projects in the world. The USA is one of the major countries wherein the Luxury Antonovich design has a very high in demand for residential project developments, wherein, the Luxury Antonovich Design manages to perform the most outstanding working performances which are being implemented by its in housetop professionals and expert team. Owning a world class architecture and interior design company, Katrina Antonovich is very strict when it comes to manpower recruitment, as she always assures that every professional that will be part of the team has the ability to contribute very skillful work performances that will level up every project design implementations.


Katrina Antonovich always manages to improvise every detail of project executions to be able to meet the highest standards of design and American style requirements. With her top professional and expert team – Luxury Antonovich Design, every palate, and interior shades are being selected into the most meticulous procedure to be able to achieve the perfect balancing in hues for every interior. There will be also a very strategic procedure that will be implementing for the development of every elevation schemes that will surely create the perfect balance in style and architectural design for interior and exterior. 

Precious moments are often being happened inside our home that is why it is always very important to perform every design implementation exactly according to every client/owner's requirement. Entering every home interior should always represent the owners’ personality and lifestyle that will always create a great impression towards every guest and visitors that will be entering the house. Best Design creations of Luxury Antonovich Design with luxurious touches of elegance by Katrina Antonovich will always bring every client's dream home come true. 

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