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It is often being said that if you want to get to know the person very well, you have to look no further than their living room design. The living room is one of the most famous spots in the house that is frequently used and occupied. Best decorations and an amazing set of furniture designs are being placed in the living room. And since that it has also been considered the common receiving area, Homeowners always wanted the most stylish decoration representing their family or personality. Living rooms are not just a cozy corner, as it holds one of the most important areas of every home interior. Many of us might think that living rooms should always be remained calm to maintain the coziness and comfort that they must be.

Meanwhile, there are current trends and style about modern living room interior design that features more dramatic details which create a more interesting interior design. In this article, let us get to know different sets and styles on how to achieve a stunning living room design are different forms of the modern concept.

As the top architecture and interior design Company, Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the trendsetter when it comes to modern interior design. With its very creative and stylish team, Luxury Antonovich Design never stops developing new ideas by performing different types of design which can be very well implemented towards every project that the company is being engaged with. Luxury Antonovich Design team has a full experienced and expertise, which is very well capable to perform the most wonderful elegance that will be suitable for modern living room interior design. Since the living room is one of the major areas of every residential home, it is the perfect spot to perform discoveries and design ideas to do some experimental work such as the mix and match method that professional interior designers usually do to realize the new trend of interior setting.

The new face of a stunning modern living room design is being formed with different dramatic features by combining such interesting decorations from artistic wall art deco, the use of bold color palettes, 3D carpet designs, and different varieties of illuminating light fixtures. With the use of a different set of luxurious furniture designs including those collections with signature brands, Luxury Antonovich Design creations of modern living room interior design indeed have the highest level of luxury and elegance. Luxury Antonovich Design also has its own luxury furniture line – the “KA Luxury Brand” which definitely gives the perfect mood of luxurious elegance in every beautiful living room interior design that emphasizes a signature style of Luxury Antonovich Design. By implementing the most inspirational design that meets every character and family lifestyle, every living room interior design will surely achieve the most satisfying comfort and elegance that meet every owner’s requirement. In this article, let us know further about what could be the best interior design set up that meets your modern taste, As the Luxury Antonovich Design has shared different types of modern living room design.


Luxury Modern

Using a set of flashy lighting effects, Luxury Antonovich Design has created a state of the art ceiling schemes in this wonderful living room interior. Aside from the fancy chandeliers that cover the entire ceiling layout, Luxury Antonovich Design used illuminating materials that create very amazing reflections of brightness that cover up the entire living room. Emphasizing the mood of elegance by choosing the best signature luxury furniture brand indeed levels up the elegance of the interior. As the Luxury Antonovich Design is an authorized producer of different signature luxury furniture brands, every interior setting is being decorated with an extra personalized set of decorations by featuring the favorite luxury brand of the owner. This type of open space layout for a home also has the most fascinating space scheming that gives the perfect balance in style and aesthetic perfection.

Fascinating Elegance

The space planning method indeed always creates the most wonderful finishing setup. Even the interior has a very wide and open space, by conducting the right space scheming, the living room will surely achieve the perfect balance in style with the finest finishing. Selection of furniture and decorations can never go wrong, as the Luxury Antonovich Design always assures to perform a meticulous procedure in conducting the interior fit-out work. Neutrals and gold have been the top of the interior trends this year. As it gives a natural elegance most especially enhancing it with the best lighting set up to emphasize its glamorous charm.

Refined Beauty

The concept inspiration with this spacious living room interior design is a modern hotel lobby. It has a very spacious interior setting. The high ceiling setup emphasizes the greatness of elegance which is similar to hotel lobbies. The set of huge chandelier designs is custom-made by Luxury Antonovich Design. It is made up of the most artistic set of crystal chandelier designs that creates a very fascinating lighting effect towards the spacious living room interior. The neutral beige and greys are being emphasized by tiffany's color furniture and decorations that give very outstanding interior accents.

Art Deco

Whites and neutrals will never go out of style! As it can be emphasized and enhanced using different accent decorations and furniture designs. Using different moods of art and design, a modern living room interior design can be the most dramatic area of the house. As it features different sorts of characters which represents the owner's personality and lifestyle. Keep in mind that the greatness of style and uniqueness always comes by implementing inspirational ideas from the personal points and requirements of the client. With Luxury Antonovich Design every living room interior will surely have the most amazing and satisfying mood of elegance.

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