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Bedroom Design Trend 2020

The latest trend for luxury bedroom design


Nothing can be more satisfying than ending up your day with the most relaxing and cozy bedroom that features exactly the things that you love. Bedrooms are every individual’s sanctuary wherein it provides a comfortable atmosphere that is surrounded by the different forms of style. There are different forms of bedroom interior design that has been recently transform the definition of coziness and glam and upgraded every bedroom interiors into the most luxurious and classy design. Just like the other areas of the house, bedrooms also have a concept design that must be following. Most of the time, the concept design of the bedrooms is according to the full residential mood. To achieve a design consistency the interior design team will be performing the proper arrangement and implementations of style wherein the complete home interior design will have the proper coordination when it comes to every hue, materials, textures, and even the furniture that will be installed.

In this modern luxury bedroom design, Luxury Antonovich Design has been performed the most classy and sophisticated bedroom interior wherein the complete set up has been properly aligned as the team has been considered the perfect balancing towards the full bedroom. Take a look at how the hues and textures have been perfectly formed and achieved the Balance in style. Since the bedroom is not that spacious, the interior design team has been build and features different forms of symmetrical lines and design features that will maximize the bedroom interior design setting. The perfect choice of premium class materials and high-quality furniture design has been perfectly installed and arranged. The selection of right lighting with the best design that will complement the full bedroom interior brings out the most magnificent brightness towards the bedroom.

Luxury Antonovich Design proudly representing this latest trend and style for bedroom 2020 edition, wherein the use of solid wood with a great combination of metallic materials and dark objects have been very well associated with the neutral colors as the base. Even that this bedroom features more on hard and strong materials and decorations, the natural brightness was never left out as it has a huge glass window covered with neutral curtains which are made up of high-quality fabrics. The selected bed design was indeed very outstanding as it has a very classy and modern touch of elegance. What is most exciting about this modern bedroom design is its very functional spaces. Across the bed is a very stylish and elegant set up of drawers and classy shelves. And for the most surprising part, is the modern style fireplace set up with a phenomenal style. 


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