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Apartment in Burj Khalifa

Luxury Antonovich design is based on the principles of creating the perfect environment for each customer. This apartment interior is designed in a modern style. The trend towards open space, inherent in the elegant interiors, is perfectly reflected in the author's project. The home interior design combines iconic decor and shades with bold improvisations in interior lighting. The living room is combined with a fabulous dining area and kitchen. 

To separate the space, the interior designers have offered smart solutions in partition walls with an aquarium. This home combines a cozy and festive mood. 

The kitchen design is deluxe and clean, highlighting the luxurious interior of the living room. Interior Designers Dubai aimed to create original geometry space. To do this, they used creative solutions in the decoration of floors and ceilings. Carved patterns on the marble floor define the boundaries of each zone. Panoramic windows are draped with silk curtains in a modern style. Direct folds of curtain frames show a beautiful landscape this passes a sufficient amount of daylight.

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