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Furniture manufacturing and fitting selection with delivery



Antonovich Group Offers premium class project development in Brazil. In fact, the company and its team have accomplished numerous luxury projects in Brazil including residential, commercial, and even hospitality properties. As we offer great solutions with premium class design developments, Antonovich Group always assures a remarkable property design result with the finest quality in style and every composition. We always deliver international standards and performances towards every project development in Brazil.



Our initial step in the design process is to create a well-designed space layout. Space planning can range from as easy as deciding on a few new pieces of furniture for your space to as difficult as establishing a layout for a new building or remodeling. Completing this procedure lays the groundwork for additional design decisions to come into place. Design costs may apply depending on the scope of the project.



Color has a visual and physiological influence on all of us, and a simple change in wall color may have a significant impact on a space. With so many options, it's no surprise that many people worry about paint colors. Our designers provide color consultations to assist you in selecting a hue that will elicit the desired feeling in any environment. With Antonovich Group, every interior design will surely achieve the perfect balance in style and decoration as our in–house expert interior designers will be able to assist every client to select the right hues that perfectly match the interior design setup.



We provide a complete service and turn-key solution for individuals who wish to spend as little time as possible on their projects. A great option for second and third houses, as well as multi-unit residential and commercial developments. Antonovich Group always assures that every project in Brazil will achieve the most remarkable result exactly according to every design requirement and quality of the client. 

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