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Living room design Miami, Florida

With the help of living room design ideas you can without any problems change the living room design, build new structures and remove unnecessary walls, so studios have become in recent times a common trend. In living room design by the Luxury Antonovich Design — the best modern ideas that allow not only to properly organize space but also to maintain the comfort, necessary in each of the zones of the living room interior. 

Principles of living room design 

The first stage of living room design should be the planning itself. Before the beginning of work, it is necessary to determine which zone should prevail in size, in which part of the room it is better to arrange the main furniture items, how to emphasize the different purposes of all zones. If the room has windows only on one or two sides — we recommend planning here a zone for family gatherings and reception of guests. Place a comfortable sofa or table near to natural light sources. 

Modern living room design ideas allow you to visually divide the living room and kitchen area. Modern partitions made of plastic, glass, wood, and other materials in help. 

Another nuance that should be paid attention to is the very form of the room. If the living room has a large area, the layout is not important: you can easily put everything you need. But the creation of convenient functional areas in a small room it is a lot of effort because each piece of furniture you will need to place strictly in its place. 

You should consider the fact that making the living room design is not a simple task, you need to know all the subtleties of design art in order to achieve the desired result. 

Principles of space organization for living room interior: 

Living room decor ideas 

As a rule, both floors and walls in the living room interior are decorated with the help of appropriate finishing materials. For example, on the floor you can lay a parquet board or a laminate: wood not only looks spectacular but also serves long enough. On the walls in living room design can be decor panels made of plastic or wood, wallpaper with drawings and without, as well as imitation coatings resemble stone, brick, leather, etc. are relevant. Such materials can have an abstract, geometric, floral design. 

As for the furnishing, here you are not limited in the choice of living room decor ideas. But some items must be present in the living room necessarily. For example, comfortable sofa, armchairs, and so on. 

If you are going to decorate the living room, you need not only follow some decor rules but do not forget to focus on modern trends, then this room will become for you the most comfortable place in the house. Order a living room in our studio and we'll take care of everything.  

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