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Being located at the northwest extremity of North America, Alaska is very well known internationally as a very cold State. This prime location in the United State has the best of coziness and freezing breeze as well as wonderful nature surrounding of the most breath-taking scenery of high mountains. Alaska was indeed an ideal place for vacation houses. As a world-class architecture and interior design Company, Luxury Antonovich Design has also accomplished several projects all over the state. By delivering an absolute architecture and interior setting with an amazing Alpine design, Luxury Antonovich Design performs the most wonderful design implementations made up of the most excellent design performances.

Luxury Projects in Alaska is very well crafted to perfection that will be featuring an aesthetic design setting like no other. As the Luxury Antonovich Design creates the most wonderful design performances, each project execution is guaranteed made up of the most meticulous procedures to achieve the international standards in architecture and interior design. Selections of every piece of furniture and decorations for an Alpine project is such a challenging task, however, with the help of the most professional team in terms of furniture design, Luxury Antonovich design brings out the exact furniture design which is very well suitable with the cold temperature in Alaska. With Luxury Antonovich Design, every architecture and interior design project in Alaska always achieved the most fascinating design as it is being accomplished and decorated with the most wonderful furniture design and decorations.







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