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Beautiful, high-quality and functional furniture is an integral part of any home. It occupies a prominent place in our living space, makes our homes look complete and welcoming. When choosing furniture for your house, it's important to pick functional and timeless pieces that fit your requirements. That is why when you call on Luxury Antonovich Design, we want you to be sure that you acquire high-quality, reliable and environmentally friendly interior items. All furniture sets and elements undergo detailed quality control at every stage of production:

— proper storage and processing of materials;

— cutting of wood and upholstery materials;

— the assembly process and pasting of the frame with soft elements;

— furniture covering works.

Luxury Antonovich Design actively cooperates with various international furniture producing factories all over the world. Most of these factories are equipped with modern European equipment Felder, Moro, Nuova Coima, Lectra, Durkopp-Adler, which allows you to automate production as much as possible. We also work with custom-made luxury furniture companies, which allow to furnish your house with custom designed pieces. We carefully select all materials and components among European and American manufacturers, giving the preferences only to high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, because we try to care about your health, as well as the environment.

Luxury Antonovich Design is constantly experimenting with various materials, testing the latest technologies for furniture production, transform into reality your unique vision of comfort and design. Our designers develop an individual design of separate furniture elements and form it into a common design-project.


Our services include:

1. Free consultation and up-to-date resources.

2. Measurement of the premises (Knowing the actual size allows to implement the ideas as closely as possible and take into account the ergonomics of all areas of the space)

3. Interior design.

4. Furniture design project (Our designers create a 3D visualization of furniture in the interior using professional software. While working on visualization we take into account all the technological standards of fittings)

5. Furniture manufacture.

6. Furniture assembly.

7. Furniture restoration and cleaning.

8. Furniture shipping and delivery.

Before starting the process of furniture production our design studio Luxury Antonovich Design carries out a detailed initial preparations, in which after the early space planning we make the visualization of the designed models and create detail drawings; we analyze the color line scan of the walls and work on various style solutions that allow to achieve the maximum effect when installing furniture into the existing interior.

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