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Dining room decorating ideas

Daily Family Leisure

Owners of apartments and private houses in USA, who are fortunate enough to have a separate dining room at their disposal, often wonder about its design. It is here people traditionally receive guests for treats, celebrate special occasions, various celebrations, holidays, and just have breakfast, lunch and dinner. After all, the dining room plays a key role in the organization of life.

Tricks Of Delight Zone Design

Ideally, a separate spacious room is allocated for the dining room, which emphasizes the consistency and high status of homeowners. But, for our designers, it doesn't matter if this room is adjacent to the kitchen or living room. In this case, it will only be necessary to properly separate the zones from one another. This can be done, for example, using materials of different colors and quality in decoration and fit-out. Unlike materials suitable for dining room, which have the convenience and comfort, easily washable and practical materials are more suitable for the kitchen area. Zones among themselves can also be divided by a bar counter, an arched opening, multi-level ceilings and floors, various sliding structures, other decorative partitions, or using designer lighting by Luxury Antonovich Design. At the same time, one important detail should be observed: all zones within the premises should not contradict each other in terms of their style and color scheme.

Rhythmic Colors And Style Choice For Dining Room Interior Design

In classical style by Luxury Antonovich Design a dining room can be very ceremonial, elegant and very aesthetic. Different colors can be used here — beige with gold, beige with blue accents, dark wood with scarlet nuances and many other exclusive options.

Art Deco is one of those styles for dining room design by Luxury Antonovich Design that can be called simply perfect. It is very inspiring, smart, luxurious and at the same time pro-classical. The implementation of the interior in this style is more expensive than in others, but the dining room also looks accordingly.

Modern as a style is very practical and is better suited for the design of the dining room — especially if there are small children in the house. Here you get a bright, stylish and comfortable set of furniture and finishes. This style is used in most European cottage projects. Usually, there is a marble tile or granite flooring with a warm floor, a bay window or a panoramic glazing system, a modern style dining room furniture and a large decorative lamp above the table.

Minimalism is a luxury style that is popular with both apartment owners in new houses and country cottages. For the dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design, it looks especially laconic and well combined with panoramic windows and terraces. In minimalism, all the lines are extremely concise, so the dining room easily becomes the center of the house. Here, as if on a white clean canvas, the colors of your family life are played out in the most positive sense of these words.

Asian style in the design of the dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design looks in our opinion rather ascetic. But if you choose the luxury version of a design project in a large house with panoramic windows and brand designer furniture, then you will fall in love with this style. Sometimes the Asian style of the atmosphere and individual elements may resemble a loft style.

The colonial dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design is a mixture of European and ethnic traditions from different countries. These can be countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America or, for example, with the atmosphere of Ottoman Turkey. This style is one of the most expensive, as it needs real antiques.

The Mediterranean style is notable for its contrast, even brutality and bright interior elements and decor designed by Luxury Antonovich Design. If you love wood, bright accents and a sense of eternal Riviera, be sure to refer to this style for help.

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