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Extra elegant dinning room

 A Stylish Dining Room Design by Luxury Antonovich Design 

Creating design for the Dining room has been always exciting and a great privilege for the entire Team. As our Interior designers would always love to design the dining area because this is the special place in the house wherein the family can sit and have the special bonding and talk about each one’s update to their house.

Superb Design for the Dining Room 

This very stylish Interior design for the dining room represents the very perfect blending of nice color schemes as well as ​​​​​​​the installation of special decorative items. The ceiling design has been completed with a glamorous set of items which is the very luxurious pic ok chandelier. Having an additional detailed design for the ceiling area which is decorated with gold plated linings design that produces perfect lightings in the most balance mood. The ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​dining​​​​​​​ set which is​​​​​​​ the very stylish rectangular table with a very unique design of the chairs which is from the premium class materials and high standards of fabrics. The same quality of fabrics has been extended with the Curtains design. We have managed to install a Bar area on one side of the dining. Having the same style, this bar area design has been decorated in the most organized way. Having the set of the matching chandelier with the huge one above the dining table completes the very glamorous design of the area. The Luxury Antonovich Design team always assures to provide all exceptional and unique Interior design for every Dining Area. The team has been always inspired creating every luxurious work of are to provide every Client and it family to experience the ​​​​​​​world-class Interior design and bring it to their own houses.

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