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Luxury Antonovich design is composed of high caliber in house professionals and experts in interior designing that has the full ability to transform every home into a sophisticated interior design arrangement. Each part of the team has their different uniqueness in style and expertise that they are contributing to every luxury project development. As the top professional architects and interior designers, Luxury Antonovich Design team is always very adventurous when it comes to developing new design and ideas and how the full interior set up achieve the perfect form of uniqueness and classy. With this sophisticated interior design project, Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly presenting another form of a classy home styling which has been very well accomplished according to the full design requirement of the client.

It was indeed such a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich Design team to do every design implementation towards every project with the most sophisticated interior design set up. As it has its own manufacturing and factory for the furniture and the full project design materials that will complete the full house set up according to the exact design and style that has been presented and approved by the client. On the other hand, it will be also a great privilege for every client as they will be experiencing a completely hassle-free and cost-efficient experience although the whole process of the project development. All the luxury furniture design collections that are being manufactured are being features and showcased strait on its Luxury furniture store – KA Luxury which is being categorized as the biggest Luxury furniture store in Dubai. KA Luxury is also the authorized distributor of different luxury furniture brands and premium class furniture from Italy and Turkey. Luxury Antonovich Design is also very famous as the creator of customized furniture, chandeliers, and carpet design.

In general, when it comes to the full project implementations and executions, nothing can be more trusted and reliable than Luxury Antonovich Design, as it has the full ability to perform the exact design and materials which are all made up of premium class compositions. In this sophisticated interior design, the entire home is filled with amazing masterpieces and luxury furniture design which are all produces by KA Luxury and performed by the Luxury Antonovich Design team. From the marbles, carpet, full flooring materials, Wall panels, wall lighting, wall decorations, complete luxurious furniture and accessories the entire home styling is coming from the great ideas and creation of the Luxury Antonovich Design team. For a unique and classy home styling, indeed Luxury Antonovich Design is the best company that will surely bring out the most desired interior design according to the full requirement of the client. Luxury Antonovich Design team is always working with full passion for excellence and value for money that will surely consider every points and requirements that will be coming for the client’s views. 

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