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Luxury villa exterior

How to Create an Elegant Exterior and Landscape Design

The Luxury Antonovich Design Team believes that all the success of every Elegant Exterior and Landscape Design is always depending on the systematic planning and developments of work started from the main Layout and Drawings of the project. The attention to every detail and maximizing all the spaces to be able to creatively done all the exterior works will be very much an important factor. It is a combination of creativity and passion for the entire team to be able to build a completely luxurious and elegant Exterior and Landscape design for every Vila. There will be a set of meetings and discussion along with the client and the entire team to be able to do the proper consultations and receive all the points and requirements from the client. Following all the systematically procedures of every stage of the work will be resulting in an Elegant creation of the Exterior and Landscape design.

Magnificent Landscape Design

The artistic combination of creative ideas merging the water feature and natural elements brings out a complete magnificent design for the entire landscape area. Having a very prestigious design for the swimming pool is considered as the best asset of the entire landscape design. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team managed to install a wonderful sitting area in the middle of the pool area. This idea was indeed very exceptional as it will surely provide the perfect relaxation in every stay with this area. The Landscape area is filled with an artistic structural work by arranging the natural local plants, grass, and trees to complete the full landscape design. There is also an open gazebo with the perfect access on the poolside, this place is perfect for the family and friends bonding moments while enjoying the great scenery of the entire beauty of the outdoor design. This villa managed to have a huge area occupancy which is an additional advantage for the team to create a more stylish and beautiful Outdoor feature, as well as a spacious parking space. This Villa was indeed a perfect place for the family relaxation as it is full of creative ideas and filled with very unique outdoor furniture pieces. Having the perfect spot for sunbathing? No problem, as the team has managed to put up an open space for a relaxing pool chair and sitting area exactly in the middle of the swimming pool.

Luxurious Exterior Design for the Villa By Luxury Antonovich Design

In this world of full of trendy fashion and style, the Luxury Antonovich Design Team has very much aware of how natural creativity comes to every mind of the client. As we have recently received an out of these world ideas of requirements and points from the client, The full team is considering it a challenge and another inspiration to work hard and study for more effective and metrological works. As the Team’s main objective is to exceed every client's requirement and being part of their dreams that has finally become reality.

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