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Exterior in Contemporary Style


Contemporary house design has been always known as with the modest style, fine lines with large glass windows devoid of pleasing to the eye cuts. Contemporary Exterior design has been usually having flat and stylish roofs, with creative irregular shapes, and open floor plans. With the very Creative Team of Luxury Antonovich Design, we have managed to develop a very unique and stylish Contemporary Exterior Design. This Exterior Design has been completed with exclusive pieces and Materials which are very rare to see in the Market. We have come up with the idea to directly cooperate with the International suppliers from Turkey, Italy, and UAE to be able to produce those exceptional Materials. And since that the client has been very particular and meticulous when it comes to the design and Implementation, The Architecture and Design team has been fully focused on all the points and requirements.

Steps and Stages to Achieve the Most Exclusive Contemporary Exterior Design

From the first look of the Project, everyone will immediately notice how perfect the Elevations has been completely done with the proper balance of all areas and Exterior Materials that have been used. The Great Selections of the concrete and Premium materials and Huge Window glasses have been completed the very luxurious style of the full Exterior part of this Contemporary House. There are some special uniquely designed water features that have been decorated on the Exterior. A very fabulous and trendy designed swimming pool has been placed on one side of the landscape area with a modern style waterfall. A very relaxing and cozy covered sitting area has been placed next to the swimming pool area that can be used for family bonding and enjoy with the visitors. We have managed to arrange natural plants as an additional decoration for the Exterior design to have the good balance with nature feels and modernity mood of the entire design.

This Contemporary Exterior Design was indeed one of the best successful projects that we have implemented. Aside from its natural uniqueness, our Creative Team has been executed a world-class performance in delivering all the developments and services in achieving all the success for this Project. Luxury Antonovich Design Team has a goal to always bring out the best Project and succeed towards to exceed every Client expectations. We always work with inspiration passion and great style.

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