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Interior room is a collection of furniture and decorative elements, united by one idea. The main thing is the design and look of table and chairs. These in turn should be in harmony with all the surrounding objects, and at the same time to bring something special to the atmosphere. Luxury Antonovich Design Centre offers customers to choose the chairs for the living room by all the rules of style.

Chairs in the first place, should fit the style in which the room was decorated. Most often used styles:

• Classic;
• Modern;
• Baroque;
• High tech.

If the living room is made in a classic style, it is necessary to give preference to a massive and unwieldy chairs. They should be characterized by subdued and calm hues. It is good , if chairs are made of natural wood and metal inserts. A room in a classic style looks rich. This effect can be created when purchasing furnitures mahogany. Living room in modern style - a good option if the money for the purchase of chairs is not much. The furniture in this room should be functional. Natural materials is the basic requirement which should be present in the interior Actual use of glass, filling the space with light and air, and natural motifs, by which can be decorated upholstery of chairs. How to choose a chair at the living room.The main thing to remember when choosing the chairs in the living room:

• do not overload the room. Even the most expensive and fashionable furniture can spoil premises;
• material should be safe and free of toxic substances. Preference is given to the chairs of wood. Applied varnishes and glues have to be harmless to humans;
• reliability. As the most reliable home furnishings recognized made of birch and oak.

Furniture that comply with all the requirements of customers, the company Luxury Antonovich Design proposes. The company cooperates closely with the world's leading manufacturers and offers certified chairs for the living room, the price of which is fully adequate to product quality.

Kitchen chairs - a huge selection

The most visited place in the apartment - the kitchen. Here food is prepared, family members meet . Kitchen chairs are the most functional items, so Luxury Antonovich Design offers customers a huge range of products.

Types of kitchen chairs

Depending on the material are several types of chairs:

• With a metal frame;
• Wood;
• Glass;
• Plastic.

Chairs of metal frame are considered as popular model: they are universal, because they have great look in any room. In addition, they are convenient, robust and durable. This furniture is surprisingly rich by design solutions. Metal perfectly harmonizes with inserts made of chipboard, MDF and wood. Upholstery often made of leather - the most suitable material for the kitchen.Компания Luxury Antonovich Design takes into consideration wishes of customers and is engaged in delivery products that will please and will be affordable for everyone.

If the kitchen is made in modern style, it is a good idea buying glass chairs. They give to the room lightness, airiness and a certain simplicity. Despite the apparent fragility, these exquisite items quite strong. In addition, customers respect this chairs because of its weight, if the owner has no plans to furniture rearrangement daily, then buying a heavy furniture is a wonderful choice. Price furniture speaks for itself. But you can make an impression on guests and make the interior of your kitchen fashionable and modern, purchasing plastic chairs. They do not require special care, easy to carry from room to room.

Office chairs is primarily comfort

Comfort is important not only at home but also at work. Office furniture is an indicator of success and solidity of the company. But much more importantly, how comfortable, convenient and reliable office chair. The chair in the office should be comfortable and show host status. For this purpose, upholstery and office frame of chair is made of expensive and high-quality materials. The color scheme should not be surprising by brightness and showiness. As a rule, manufacturers are limited to black or brown. For upholstery is appropriate to use the natural leather.

Luxury Antonovich Design provides delivery of office chairs from respected brands. We guarantee excellent quality furniture.

You can buy furniture of the best world factories in the studio Luxury Antonovich Design!

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We work with manufactures on a direct basis!

We create exclusive furniture for top-of-class interiors due to the drawings of our designers!

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