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Modenese Gastone

Luxury Classic Style Furniture - From the Top Italian Manufacturer


Luxury Antonovich Design is continuously being well known international on its Expertise and professionalism when it comes to Luxury Classic interior design developments and implementations for every project. Modenese Gastone has been our Interior Designers and architects' first choice when it comes to Luxury classic furniture design that will complete every interior design set up with a classical concept. Modenese Gastone furniture design is very well crafted and design with the greatest manufactures from Luxury Italian by the exclusive furniture design team for the top class residential villas and elegant residences. Each furniture design has been well crafted and designed by the bespoke furniture ranges over the last two centuries. Modenese Gastone was indeed such an exclusive design collection that reproduces all the styles of classics furniture from the Empire Royal style. This furniture design offers a comprehensive interior design service for residential, commercial, and governmental buildings. Every piece in our inventory is handcrafted by a group of highly skilled artisans using techniques that have passed down through the generations.

Since that the Luxury Antonovich Design is dealing with every interior design and architectural arrangement worldwide, we made it sure that this collection can be exported in any parts of the world to fulfill every interior design arrangement and set up according to every project requirement and might as well available for our international clients that desire a naturally artistic and classical design furniture. We do provide worldwide shipping for our extensive range of traditional Italian furniture.

Why choose Modenese Luxury Italian Furniture?


The Full Collection is perfectly designed and manufactured with a proper sense of luxury and can turn your home into something that befits royalty. Classic Italian furnishings by nature are glamorous and sophisticated, high-end furniture, in particular, comes fitted with gold and silver gilding which provides it with an enhanced look of luxury. Every Luxurious piece is widely recognized as the finest in the world, furniture items such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, and bests made from the finest materials can add distinction to your interior spaces. At Modenese, we work to transform ordinary rooms into spaces of exquisite luxury.


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