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Interior design luxury villa in New York

New York is incredibly beautiful in its coloring, upgrading every year with new buildings, new projects. And we are pleased to realize that many of the projects are designed to respected customers from the Congo. We are offering Interior design Congo, which considers many factors. This fashion in interior design and architecture, national peculiarities of the country and, most importantly, features tastes and preferences of our customers. The design of the villas can be called one of the main directions in the work. Often, in the home interior  , our customers want to see the mood of palatial luxury. It's dictated by the modern fashion. After all, today in fashion luxury and splendor. And on the top of fashion interior styles such styles  as classical, neoclassical, art deco and modern style. IInterior design Congo harmoniously combines luxury and absolute comfort.

Interior design New York from Luxury Antonovich Design

The luxury of the new millennium created  by talented interior designers Design Studio Elite Luxury Antonovich Design is reflected in the author's design project Villa in New York. The stunning interior of the house - the bold, expressive, intelligent, gorgeous. The spacious living room is filled with exquisite interior solutions. Defined conceptual solutions of a stylish interior smooth and rounded shapes and lines the hospitality of the owners of apartments, which took the decision to order design of the house in the Congo. A unique solution in the stylish interior become a luxury ceiling with a circular recess, which decorated in the center with luxury chandelier , and under a niche on the three longline podium placed a white grand piano.Romance and expression characteristic of this interior. The grand piano is surrounded by delightful small fountains with backlight. Opposite the fountain in the center of the living room interior designers have placed two  duplicate mirror areas with luxurious sofas, upholstered in natural leather and gorgeous lights on curved supports. In the interior used natural marble, luxurious leather, chandeliers, created by the author's sketches of designers. An example of the home interior confirms the status of the leading design studio with a worldwide reputation. Versatility and talent of interior designers helped them to create a truly unique and stunning design of the best house project in Congo.

The house where the mood reigns eternal celebration of life. The apartment where immodesty and chic possess the charm and grace. All this we can safely say about Art Deco interiors  in this style. Interior design Congo repeats  fashion trends. Astana interior designers using all sorts of ideas and  innovations.

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