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Premium Class Design for Palm Hill Villas, West Palm Beach, Florida


When luxury meets modernity, this amazing villa interior design has been filled with the most luxurious decoration which has been perfectly enhancing with the latest trend of style and furniture formed in the finest modern style. Luxury Antonovich Design has been flawlessly accomplished the highest standards of interior setting that meet aesthetic perfection. With the great combination of hues and texture over the concrete walls and finishing design, this luxury villa in Florida was indeed one of the finest interior design settings which have been very well performed in a modern design concept.



Luxury Antonovich Design team always assures to select the best furniture design, decoration, and each material that fill in every interior setting, most especially for every residential project. There will be personal touches that shall be very well performed according to every point and requirement of the client/ property owner. From this strategic method, the residential interior design will accomplish a natural uniqueness and sophistication in style, which is very important to perform in every home interior. Luxury Antonovich Design always assures to perform and use premium class materials and finest furniture design that will always suit the concept design. Luxury Antonovich Design is offering complete interior design solutions including the selection of materials and furniture up to the installation and fixing.


Consistency in style and concept is very important to perform, most especially for every residential interior. There will be a concept design which will be according to the selection and choice of the client/ property owner. Luxury Antonovich Design has its in-house high-caliber interior designers and architects that are always ready to provide an expert interior design solution and consultancy. Luxury Antonovich Design enhances the ideal dream home design of every client and creates the most remarkable interior setting. Luxury Antonovich Design works full of passion and excellence as it always assures to deliver an absolute turnkey solution at the same time is considering the budget and style that the client requires. Luxury Antonovich Design assures a completely hassle-free experience for every client while achieving their dream home with cost efficiency and service consistency. 

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