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Exclusive Sitting Area

Unique Arrangement of Sitting Area for an Elite Apartment

In this modern day of living, the interior design and decorations for apartments have been recently requiring a high volume of demand with the premium standards. Creating every Interior design for an apartment has been always requiring the most effective solutions. Aside from the fact that every apartment has a given space and area provided already, wherein the interior designer will be having limited actions to be implemented. It always takes a professional interior designer to be able to cope up with the correct designing according to the given space and area. This modern style apartment is situated at the heart of the city wherein having a very nice view over contributes a lot of having a given wonderful scenery inside the sitting area. The Interior Designer of this modern style sitting area has come up with very unique ideas wherein combining all the creative features as well as trendy stylish furniture’s. The designer has to consider the perfect mood that the city view is contributing to the ambiance for the entire sitting area.

Stylish Sitting Area by Luxury Antonovich Design

With a perfect selection and arrangement of exceptional sets of furniture’s this Elite sitting area has been completed with combining a nice creation of a design for the walls, ceiling , and flooring. Luxury Antonovich Design has been completed this Modern style sitting area by combining all special features and furniture which has been uniquely made from premium-class materials. Everyone will notice how cozy and elite the interior design has been created. The romantic concept of having the more on red and velvet scheme has been come up from the original idea of the client. What we did is that providing the client the accurate selections of furniture and materials that would probably suit the entire Interior design of the sitting area. A very nice and comfortable couch with a rose red design and color has been properly aligned on the center of the sitting area. This couch is perfectly matched with the wallpaper with the full design of roses. A tall metallic stand has been installed by the wall designed with very artistic pieces of home decorations. A very nice metallic tall partition has been placed for dividing the two sitting areas. We can say that the main feature of this very luxurious sitting area is featuring the unique modern pieces of decorations which are mostly made up of metallic finishing. Luxury Antonovich design has been proudly presenting this Unique arrangement of a very stylish Sitting area Interior design as it represents how the team is able to come up and provide every client exceptional and unique work according to different concept design and main requirements of the project.

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