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Over a decade ago, it is hard to find a store where you can get high-quality, durable furniture designs. In order to have one, you would have to wait months and months before it arrives in your home. The times have changed and furniture stores are evolving and popping out everywhere. You can get the furniture that you want in just a few simple steps without the hassle and wasting time. That's the beauty of proximity. 

  1. Designing a huge home can be tricky. The furniture has to be reviewed and planned carefully to have a luxury home design, and everything has to be well-proportioned. One's budget has to be considered as well because the least that we want is to go over our spending limit.
  2. Luxury Antonovich Design has beautiful European-style furniture pieces for your beautiful home. We have a mix and match every style that you are looking for. Our designs come from classic vintage to modern contemporary. These furniture pieces come in different shapes and sizes, making a dynamic design for your home. We offer top consultancy in the United States so you do not have to worry about fitting these furniture pieces to your lovely luxury mansion. 

The designers of Luxury Antonovich Design has something unique to offer every time a new collection is out. You can get several options and a wide range of designs that suit your personality. We can also help you come up with a design that could fit in your budget, no matter how big or small that is. 


What is better than having a comfortable room at the end of a tiring workday? The designs of Luxury Antonovich Design for its furniture pieces definitely make a statement. We also offer top materials that we can customize with for your liking. Scan through the websites below and see our top collections.

The company offers customized pieces, dynamic designs, and a huge selection of accessories that make the most beautiful spaces. You would love seeing these designs in person! Luxury Antonovich Design also knows that you value the theme of your house, that is why we have gathered the best consultants for the betterment of your total home.

The right selection of furniture plays a huge role in any kind of modern house plans. The designers of Luxury Antonovich Design are equipped to be creative. Contact us today to avail our latest deals!

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