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With great sophistication and modernity in style, this chic bedroom interior design has been filled with the most wonderful decoration and aesthetic perfection. Luxury Antonovich Design team is very expert when it comes to design implementations and modern style setting. A modern style bedroom interior has been recently being decorated with a different set of artistic masterpieces that transforms the bedroom into a fascinating interior design. The 3d wall art design over the headboard of the bed creates the most wonderful decoration that stands out over the entire bedroom interior. Instead of using normal paint towards every wall, Luxury Antonovich Design is using different advanced technology to perform an extra stylish design. An old rose and gold bedroom theme creates feminine touches of mood that is why Luxury Antonovich Design manages to balance the interior decoration and creates a remarkable interior setting.

This elegant bedroom interior design in a chic style setting has a very spacious interior design which helps every interior designer to create a perfect balance towards the spaces. Luxury Antonovich Design team has able to maximize the spaces by arranging the most wonderful furniture and bedroom decoration. What makes this bedroom extra beautiful is how the Luxury Antonovich Design creates the most functional design by installing very nice joinery works for drawers and cabinets on the other side of the bedroom. The 3d wall effect matches the perfect choice of carpet design which also features an equally beautiful design in 3D art. Each decoration and bedroom accessories is representing the personality and lifestyle of the owner and that what makes this bedroom interior design extra unique and sophisticated. Luxury Antonovich Design always assures us to bring out the best bedroom interior design with the perfect form of coziness and a relaxing atmosphere for a more comfortable stay.  

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