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There's nothing like walking away from it all and escaping to a cocoon-like bedroom for great slumber now more than ever. Avoid all-gold décor if you want a gold-themed bedroom. Instead, opt for gold accent items such as statement lighting, mirrors, and décor. This is a clear winner among opulent bedroom design ideas! Whether your bedroom is small or large, adding gold to the walls is a great way to give warmth. A pleasant bedroom requires light, but not just any light. Nothing is worse than a glaring ceiling downlight lighting on you when you're sleeping. After dark, turn off the overhead light and focus on dim light. The key to creating an intimate atmosphere is to use a variety of lighting sources, such as gentle bedside lamps and strategically placed ceiling lights for a sense of drama. Of course, natural light will always be the finest light source of all. A four-poster bed anchors the space for the ultimate homey atmosphere. If you don't like curtains or frills, go for a simpler design with plain pillars and no crossbeams or fabric. Think peaceful and quiet textures and hues rather than loud blasts of color. Bold graphic motifs are unsuitable for bedrooms' interior design. Quilted throw pillows, faux-fur blankets, and soft knits in neutral tones are all excellent places to start. Layer these soft touches around the area to create a welcoming atmosphere. A plush area rug provides essential warmth while also providing texture. To increase comfort, use tiny sheepskin or shag rugs on the edges of the bed or stack various floor coverings.

One of the most significant ways to keep a luxury bedroom from feeling snug and comfy is to have bare, frigid windows. Don't scrimp on window curtains when looking for a homey look. Another thing to consider if you have huge windows. Curtains with a strong pattern should be avoided. They should not dominate or detract from the balance of the rest of the space when drawn. You can't completely disconnect if you're plugged into your phone or iPad. Instead of a television or a phone dock, try to make your bedroom a low- or no-tech zone by adding books and natural features like fresh flowers or plants. Make this a place where you can actually unwind. Trust us, when you wake up, the news will still be there. Don't be scared to get a humorous bed frame when we're talking about furniture that does all of the talking. Isn't it the objective to spend the entire day in bed? Let's make it a good time. We've never heard of having too many blankets...layer throws on your bed to provide visual depth (and the perfect nap location). Dress the bed as though it were a refuge, with silky linens, plenty of pillows, and a luxurious duvet or scrumptious blanket.

Nothing in this world is more appealing than a luxurious bed piled high with cushions. A bed like this practically begs you to get in. We recommend looking for cozier pillows that are both attractive and comfy. While you don't have to defend the number of pillows on your bed, at least they'll be more than simply ornamental this way. Who said you had to be a child to have a hidden hideout? No one. Create a bed nook to isolate oneself from the outside world on rainy days. Adding colorful wallpaper to an otherwise boring environment will provide dimension and excitement. Keep the remainder of your space neutral and add wood and wicker accessories to soften the impact of any excess ornamental noise. To make your home more personal, display some of your favorite mementos and memories. Display some vases from your trips or go simply with a family photo.

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