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Chic kids room

A Deluxe Twin Bedroom Design for Kids

One of the best strategies in maximizing a space for every Residential project is providing a creative design for a sharing bedroom. This design is usually being proposed with the family which has several numbers of family members. Aside from maximizing the space, it is also a cost and time efficient which will truly help a lot when it comes to the project budgeting. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team called this wonderful creation a deluxe twin bedroom style has it is composed with an amazing set of decorative materials. Creating a deluxe Twin bedroom may also consider knowing the main interest of the kids that will be staying in the same bedroom. It will be an added advantage if they have the same interest.

A Stylish Twin Bedroom Design

This Bedroom is filled with amazing design and decorations that completed the fully stylish design. The ceiling is made up of a unique lighting and personalized ceiling decoration of having a glow in the dark star lights. Having the perfect hue of colors scheme is what makes this bedroom extra cozy and relaxing. As the main feature of this bedroom, the interior designer team has been selected a very stylish twin bed design which is made up of premium class materials and fine fabrics. An elegant mirror TV has been installed across the bed with a very nice table decoration and arrangement. The team has managed to put up a natural plant inside this bedroom to balance the perfect mood and coziness of the area. As the main feature of this bedroom, the team has been very well selected a very luxurious design for the twin bed made up of premium class material and fine fabrics. It is very well matched with the curtains that have been installed. The Team has allotted a space for the study area were in a two set of personal computer and separate stylish bookshelves has been perfectly organized.

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