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Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing different types of project design all over the world. It has been very well known for its professionalism and expertise when it comes to a detailed art and style along with every furniture design and completes home decorations. Luxury Antonovich Design has been decided to open the branch of its interior design company in Florida and interior design office in Los Angeles to be able to reach out to those clients in the USA and do the very hands-on developments and organizing of work in every detail.

House designs, it is a complex of competent solutions based on the wishes of the customer. Our designers will solve any problem in the shortest possible time, create and implement bold and original projects. Here you can order the design of individual rooms, as well as the whole-house designs. The main advantage of the Luxury Antonovich Design is the team's creativity, thanks to which it is possible to select the right house interior design ideas, find interesting solutions and create truly unique house architecture. Our task is to create a balance between the functionality and aesthetics of your housing.


The most popular styles for today are:

·         modern classic; 

·         minimalist;

·         Modern Hi-tech


The modern classic is increasingly referred to by clients when discussing future house designs. This direction is suitable for those who cannot fully determine what kind of interior should be. The modern classic is a kind of compromise, which is characterized by the phrase: Not too conservative, but not too extravagant. Harmony in colors, restraint, elegance, and relief texture all this is the details of the modern classic.  Creating house designs, our experts try to unite the comfort and coziness, creating a balance between clean lines and neutral hues. In the process of creating a design project, which is approved by the customer and, if necessary, adjusted we use only the best house interior design ideas.

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