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Unique and Luxurious Interior Designing

The Luxury Antonovich Design Company is consistently the Top Architectural and Interior Design provider of exceptional services all over the world. With the set of exclusive works and accomplishments in the international projects, it has become more in demand with the big projects such as commercial, industrial, palaces and government agencies international. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team is always inspired in providing exceptional interior design such us this very unique and luxurious Interior Design of a house.

The Pleasant Interior Design for the Living area

Entering this wonderful house will be always having a very surprising atmosphere that will bring out a very pleasant feeling. Everyone will be amazed at how beautiful this Living area has been done. Having a high ceiling and decorating it with very unique pieces and exclusive decorations is what makes it extra special and luxurious.

Elegantly Designed Dining Area

The dining area is one of the most important parts of the house. This is where the family will be getting together to start the day with laughter and also ending up the day with a family conversation and bonding. This Dining Area has been elegantly done as the client requires having a very glamorous set. The interior designers managed to accomplish it by reaching the top suppliers of materials and furniture from Turkey, Italy, and UAE, to be able to select the design according to the approval of the client.

The Perfectly Organized Kitchen

The Kitchen is where we prepare and cook food, that is why it is very important to create every kitchen nicely and organized. Selecting the correct materials in working with the kitchen design will bring a very big factor for the final result. The materials, furniture, and appliances inside the kitchen should have a smooth and safe surface to avoid accidents inside the kitchen. However being stylish is another great thing to do to be able to cope up with the other parts of the house.

A Hotel like Interior Design for the Bedroom

Take a look at this very luxurious styled bedroom. It was indeed a luxurious hotel room inspired having a premium class of fabrics and materials. What makes this bedroom extra special is having creative and unique arrangements. This bedroom also has a perfect city view for the outside.

Fitness Center in your own Home

Having your own gym inside the house. Why not? As the Luxury Antonovich Design Team will be able to make every dream reality. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been perfectly arranged the fitness machines for the perfect gym experience.

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