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Royal Style Furniture Design - Made With Art and Pure Craftmanship 

A Complete Selection of Luxurious furniture sets is a section of Internet Shop of Luxury Antonovich Design, in which you can order, leave reviews, buy folding dining, kitchen tables, chairs, complete sets for the dining room which are made from the wood, glass from the leading factories of the manufacturers of furniture in the dining room from Italy.

We offer a wide range of chairs, tables in different price tiers and styles starting with modern, high-tech and to classics from the various materials for any interior design. The elegant wooden chairs, folding high-quality tables- transformers will help to decorate the interior of your kitchen, dining room and make it more practical and unique. Modern dining room furniture, chairs, and tables are distinguished by unique design, quality of the seats, countertops, wood, and compactness. Modern dining room furniture sets are characterized by practical design, the positive customer reviews, the good European quality.

In order to create an extra luxurious dining room design, first of all, you need to know some of the basic characteristics of modern style. Сonstructivism and functionality belong to this, which perfectly reflects the rational thinking of the man today. As for the places where you can eat, modern dining rooms are the places of geometrically correct forms, of emptiness, a place where there is maximum rationality, using a limited number of bright spots, usually, such canteens are filled with sunlight.

Premium Class Materials 

Either Wood, metal, glass and mirror surfaces, at least - vinyl, plastic, stone belong to the materials, which are used for the manufacture of modern dining room furniture. Bamboo and coconut gain more popularity – it is the perfect base for the realization of a wide variety of designer fantasies.

You can buy different types of luxury dining room furniture on our website Luxury Antonovich Design that is made by Italian companies. We offer a wide variety of wooden tables and cupboards, glass cabinets and countertops. Here you will find chairs with metal base, polyurethane foam, which is made of wood or plastics material. Chairs may also have upholstery that will certainly be made from eco-friendly materials - natural fibers. There are also chairs with upholstery of high-quality leather, which is never on the way out.

An acquired modern dining room furniture in our store will create the interior to your liking, filling the room with bright accents, creating a feeling of space and order. One can say certainly, your modern dining room furniture sets from Italy will be the most original, will surprise guests, family members and yourself as well.

Now there is a replenishment of the product catalog and only a small part of the range of furniture is presented on the website, which we can offer.

If you have any questions regarding products, which are not represented, you can ask us or get acquainted with catalogs and samples of materials (finishing, upholstery and so on) in our studio in a cozy atmosphere for a cup of coffee. The managers of the company will listen to all your wishes and requirements to the furniture and together with designers help to think through the conception of the interior, choose the right modern dining furniture of Italy or another country.


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