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Antonovich Group is very well known for its exceptional works and Customizing home furniture and the full interior design decorations as well as the customized lighting and Chandelier. Whatever the special requirement of the Client either for the size, shape, or materials of the lights and Chandelier, the Antonovich Group will surely provide it. Customized Lights and Chandeliers have been recently in demand for the Hospitality industry, Establishments, and other commercial premises that require an extra-large size with prestigious design and materials. Having the customized chandelier will make your interior design an extra special mood as it produces a very spectacular lighting effect for the full area. Customized Chandelier design always needs a lot of preparation and dedication while considering the full interior design arrangement, concept, and size of the area.



It's critical to be well-prepared before purchasing a stunning piece of designer home furniture. These are frequently costly purchases, and because they'll normally be displayed in the center of your house, it's critical to make the best choice possible. Use these five pointers to help you select the ideal designer piece for your house at the greatest price.


1.                Measurements should be tested. There's nothing more aggravating than falling in love with a piece of home furniture, getting it home, and discovering that it doesn't quite fit in your area. To avoid this problem, measure your home properly before going to the home furniture store, and carry a tape measure with you so you know you're obtaining the appropriate size item for your home. Don't rely on your eyes alone to complete this activity; precise measurements are required.

2.                Double Check with the swatches. A piece's pattern or color may look great in the store, but that doesn't mean it will work in the room you have in mind. Request a fabric swatch from the supplier or retailer so you can see how the design or color appears in your home furniture and lighting and with the other materials in the room.

3.                Take some time to consider your options. Online shopping is a great method to succumb to impulse purchases. While impulsive purchases are Ok when shopping for a new pair of shoes, furniture for home should last a lifetime, so select a piece you genuinely love and want to see in your house for many years. Reselling furniture typically results in you earning a considerably lesser price than you paid for it, especially when it comes to high-end designer pieces, so think about it before you buy.

4.                Take a look at the sculpture in person. Another issue with internet purchasing is how different an item might appear on a screen vs how it appears in your house. A true showroom, such as ours at Antonovich Group, allows you to view, touch, and experience each piece up and personal, allowing you to choose whether it will work in your area.

5.                Make room for your favorite pieces. If you're looking for a living room couch but fall in love with a dresser that won't fit in your living room, don't be scared to go outside the box and experiment with your decor. Take some time to consider where the piece could go in your home; you're sure to discover the perfect location for it.


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