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Bathroom decor ideas

Originality Of Bathroom Design — The Key To A Cozy Pastime

Today, the bathroom in the United States is not only a place to receive water treatments, it has also become a home spa where you can fully relax. Decorating the interior of the bathroom, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design can use crystal chandeliers, install a soft armchair on elegant legs, and even combine it with the bedroom. It is fashionable to use non-standard fit-out, for example, wooden parquet for the floor, or to strip one of the brick walls, decorate it with exquisite marble or designer mosaic.

The design of the bathroom in classic style involves the installation of wooden cabinets for storing towels and every little thing, floor marble tiles and a bathroom with legs. It is possible to use a crystal chandelier both in classical, and in modern interior. In Luxury Antonovich Design you will find a lot of ideas on design, stylistic solutions and ready-made projects that will help you to decide on the bathroom design.

Successful Start — Successful Project

Starting a bathroom design in the USA is a matter of drafting a project. In addition to the choice of style, you must decide on communications. If you bought a finished house or apartment, if necessary, find out whether it is possible to transfer them. If you are only planning to make a scheme, take into account all the nuances and do it in a pair with professionals. After the rough work is completed, proceed to the fit-out works. Choosing plumbing is the next steps. It is very important to buy a bath, faucets, towel hooks, suitable for the style of the chosen interior. Even such trifles can emphasize belonging to a style. Luxury Antonovich Design bathroom decor can play into your hands, for example, add colors or hide flaws. Charm to the interior is always added by fresh flowers, so if you have the opportunity to install pots or a vase, be sure to use it.

Bath Or Shower — For And Against?

It is undeniable that the first thing that comes to mind is the choice between comfort and functionality. A bath is one of the best pleasures that we can afford after a hard day’s work. But with the active and fast lifestyle that most of us lead in the USA, a shower is the best choice. Of course, you should focus on the size of your bathroom in apartment or house.

In some homes, the owners can afford to have both. What if you are not one of them? Let's choose! In terms of comfort and space-saving, a shower is undoubtedly advantageous. In addition, to wash in the shower a person consumes less water — which is an important plus. But, bath care is much easier. In addition, bathing has a relaxing and soothing effect, which is often lacking for shower owners.

The Ease Of Creating A space Of Relaxation, Cleanliness And Comfort

The design project of bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design is aimed at creating an interior in which it is pleasant and comfortable to stay. Since the bathroom is characterized by high humidity, there are special requirements for its decoration and fit-out. But despite this, the abundance of materials and design options allows you to create designer masterpieces and place in your bathroom not only plumbing equipment, but also decorative items. Only a few elements and decor items by Luxury Antonovich Design can change the bathroom, due to which the bathroom will turn into a cozy bathing salon.

Fit-Out Ideas, Materials And Conclusions

The first thing our designers advise is to choose the main background of the room. In small bathrooms you should not use dark colors, as they visually reduce the room. The ideal tones for the decoration of small bathrooms are white, beige and some other warm colors. If there is enough space in the bathroom — do not be afraid to experiment with colors. For example, the design of a bathroom in such contrasting color combinations as black-and-white, bronze-beige, azure-sandy looks very impressive and stylish. As for the fit-out materials, the best option is a tile made of natural marble. It is unpretentious in care and has a gorgeous appearance. Today, using marble tiles, you can create magnificent patterns that turn the design of a bathroom in the United States into a real work of art.

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