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Antonovich Group is one of the leading interior design organizations, proudly delivering a renowned variety of comprehensive sanitary materials, decorations, and bathroom accessories. The entire force team is always ready to create the greatest design possible by integrating all materials with comprehensive styling design approaches and speciality decorating talents. The Antonovich Group Team has meticulously examined every bathroom material over the years in order to reach excellence and develop a stunning interior design for the Bathrooms.


It is critical to ensure that every aspect of the bathrooms, including the décor, is built of high-quality materials and finishes. And, because the Antonovich Group has its own furniture manufacture and factory, every lavish bathroom interior design will undoubtedly accomplish the most ideal arrangement precisely according to the owner's requirements. Choosing the right lighting will always add a touch of glam to any bathroom decor, and by making the most artistic ceiling and gypsum, the entire bathroom will attain the ultimate elegance.

With outstanding bathroom inspirations and ideas, every bathroom in Antonovich Group's interior design will undoubtedly have the most opulent and beautiful interior design. To learn more about her unique ideas and distinctive style for bathroom interior design and sanitary equipment, visit the Antonovich Group. All of her exquisite works are also accessible for online purchasing on its website.



The use of high-end marbles in conjunction with creatively designed waterjets will add luxury and elegance to any bathroom. The Team offers a large assortment of different types of tiles based on their quality and origin. Antonovich Group offers stunning designs for bathroom tiles, marbles, and waterjet. Every bathroom will undoubtedly reach the finest and most luxury design that every customer wishes since it has a highly competent and talented staff that does the particular cut and methods in every Marble, tiles, and waterjet.

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