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When it comes to our table, the one thing that we always take note of is how sturdy the material is; however we sometimes neglect the designs of it. We should also consider the design and the intricacy of our tables because it sets a mood for our room. Be it the living room or dining room; the design of your table is very much needed to be considered.

Luxury Antonovich Design has created stunning masterpieces in the USA and we have come up with solid patterns and flowy designs in bright yellow. The beauty in these masterpieces of luxury tables is the stunning patterns. The first one comes with a broken glass illusion in gold and black its beauty is just simple: it is detailed and a new one. Its fresh approach with classic style is something that would fit in houses with a darker color theme. The second one is the beautiful white a splash of the gold theme. Each and every design is situated to have a bright look for our home. The third one is a zebra pattern in gold beauty. You will feel really luxurious when you incorporate this one in your home.

The fourth design is a long white abstract masterpiece. The beautiful creation is crafted to have a feel of beauty in a rectangular form. The pink splash with gold on the other parts is beautifully crafted. The other tables are seen in glossy glass finish with a full yellow with hints of abstract design. The pink and white accents add a beautiful effect to the decor. The next one is a black beauty. If you are after a modern classic design then this beautiful rectangular table is crafted to have a brilliant design.

One of our favorites in this collection is these beautiful hand-painted free circles in white red and yellow. The beautiful creation is just magnificent. Next to the collection is a beautiful luxury night blue. The beautiful splash of yellow creates a stunning and brilliant atmosphere to the plain blue. Another one is a white beauty in the square. This table is your next go-to table because of its simplicity and on top of that, it is also a masterpiece of its own.

Luxury Antonovich Design has gathered these designs to serve the people in the USA. Designs are continually evolving and our company has produced one of the most popular designs such as these furniture pieces. From simple designs to the most luxurious interior designs that would give joy and spark for every client who needs a new home or a redo o their rooms. Contact us today to find out more about our creations and message us today here in the United States so we can start!

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