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Luxury Antonovich Design is providing the full project design executions from Planning, construction Work, Fit-out Architectural Works and Interior Design implementation in all parts of the project. The Professional The team has become very well known internationally with its exceptional works and exceptions which are all resulted in a wondrous Style. Having a Home Office area in a villa requires an extra effort and performance that will contribute to the best design executions for the full area. The Luxury Antonovich Design has been done different luxurious interior design for the Home office style with complete design implementation. We have been presented some of our prestigious work which represents different styles and concepts for the home office interior design.
Classical Office Design - has a more detailed art and style which requires a very professional joiner and production team that has the ability to execute a special stroke of hard wooden walls carvings and wall paneling. Classical home office design needs to focus on every detail of the luxurious touch of elegance from every furniture design up to the main decorations and accessories. When it comes to the furniture collection, It always has to make sure that every masterpiece has been carefully made up of special touch of art and creativity in every angle as well as the proper selection of finest fabrics, silk and other finishing touches. The classical furniture design also needs very systematic procedures from the space planning up to the final stages of furniture and decorations implementation. Classical Furniture has an extra luxurious and artistic design that occupies bigger spaces in the area. That is why villas with a classical concept theme always have a wider and spacious area.

Contemporary Office Design – Has remained the attention in every detail and being functional for the design and furniture of the full decoration set up. The Contemporary interior design concept usually has a very precise interior design arrangement which has been always considering the importance if every useful and practical interior design setting.

Modern Office Interior – Has a more trendy and classy look of elegance and style that combines art and creativity in the full interior design set up for the full office interior? Modern Office Interior design has a more playful blend of how every hue has been selected and combines along with every furniture design and decorations. Modern Office Interior may look more spacious and stylish as it embodies the perfect harmony of the latest trend in style and interior art. 

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