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The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers the magnificent examples of unparalleled design of the world's manufacturers, and monitors the new trends. An expensive high-quality furniture is able to decorate any room, emphasizing its beneficial stylistic idea.

Only the best manufacturers - that is what is a fundamental principle of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

Be a business card of the house, an elite wooden furniture for the living room invites you to plunge into the world of luxury and wealth, surprising with a variety of colors and textures of wood, reliability of accessories and brilliant appearance.

A luxury sofa is not just an expensive and beautiful piece of furniture. It is a part of the interior, whose task is to show the taste and status of its owner, make an impression on the guests, and give substantiality and elegance to the interior of the house.Any wealthy person can decorate the home with these furnishings, because, in fact, this is a very profitable investment. Buying a sofa, you get furniture that will serve you for years to come, delighting with an excellent appearance.

Only high quality materials are used when creating this type of furniture: leather, excellent fabrics for upholstery, precious woods, and modern spring blocks. We can make this sofa to order, and then you will have an exclusive luxury sofa - and this is a serious bidding to bring a unique personal style to the interior of your home, adding a refined accent. The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers such service as the development of sofa design. Top world factories make an exclusive furniture according to our sketches.

To have a rest on a stylish sofa with a comfortable sleeping place is very nice. It is nice to see the admiration in the eyes of your guests who decided to join a party. If you want to decorate your home with this wonderful furniture, we will be happy to help you with it. We offer a large selection of luxury sofas. Each of them was born because of coordinated work of many specialists.

Luxury Sofas are not just sofas. These small masterpieces in the boundless world of soft furniture.
There are prices on sofas in our catalog for the first category of fabric. You can choose the fabric from a wide range of fabrics.

We work directly with leading factories of Italy, so you can be 100% confident in the quality of the goods.


To buy a sofa, you can come to our office or by ordering over the Internet. We work in all countries of Africa and Asia. In addition, the delivery service is calculated separately, depending on the size and weight of the sofa, and the choice of carrier. What`s worth special attention choosing an exclusive luxury sofas?
If we are talking about high-quality furniture, it comes to mind the elite products from well-known European companies. Typically, such furniture is made from the natural materials by hand. The main guideline in creating of a unique image of the house is the style of the room. A luxury furniture, whether it is a regular sofa or modular system makes whole space of the apartment and cozy.

A luxuriant baroque and flamboyant Art Deco, restrained Art Nouveau or traditional eclecticism, pompous Empire or nice retro - any style will emphasize profitably a set of furniture that is in harmony with it. An aristocratic orientation of the buyer`s preferences are caused by the careful development of the project design of the room, so you should pay attention to the living room or bedroom.

Also, do not forget:

    smooth lines;
    consistency of design.

These elements should not only occupy an important place in the interior design, but also should not be repeated in the furniture (sofas, armchairs). An expensive and exclusive furniture requires a special attention, but be sure that you can transform any interior with the help of it. It adds luxury and comfort to the house, in which it is impossible not to fall in love. Combining convenience, comfort, high-tech solutions, elite soft furniture will serve as the central figure in any room, and form all conditions to enjoy this creation of furniture art. The direct sofas and armchairs of the elite collections call attention to itself. They choose their owner. A unique, luxurious, quality furniture, which helps to emphasize the individuality of the owner and his house, is not an ordinary piece of interior. This special mechanism carries out its main functions, and is in complete harmony with the content and design.This furniture is distinguished with robustness, ability of a high order of its creator, shows a recent fashion trends and shows how to organize its living space properly and harmoniously.

If you want to select an elite furniture for the spacious rooms (e.g. living room), we recommend to opt for the corner sofas, which create the functional areas in the room. They are distinguished by an extremely high level of comfort and are very reliable and practical. The luxury furniture from the renowned manufacturers (sofas and armchairs) is distinguished by prestige and beauty through stylistic diversity and imagination of furniture craftsmen. Where can you buy an elite upholstered furniture?



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