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The Top Interior Design Company in Medellin has been always the top requirement in developing luxury homes — something that will surprise, please, and make an impact. A large piece of furniture in a brilliant hue, a spectacular rug, a work of art, or a feature wall might all be examples of your luxury interior design in Medellin by Luxury Antonovich Design, the Top Interior Design Company in Medellin. The focus of attention is expected to be on the Top Interior Design Company in Medellin. It should be something you immediately fell in love with and are ready to spend a little extra money on. Make sure it has enough area to breathe, though.

Most living rooms will include a lot of rectangles and squares due to the nature of bigger furniture items like sofas, sideboards, and shelving units. If your space has a lot of lines and straight angles, consider adding some circles. A round coffee table, a set of round side tables, a round rug, and a round wall hanging are all options. A round mirror in a bathroom is a great way to break up the straight tile lines. Make it the largest size you can. Large-scale mirrors have a tremendous impact and may make a tiny bathroom appear larger.



Luxury Antonovich Design, a Top Interior Design Company in Medellin, recommends starting at eye level and working your way outwards for your luxury interior design Medellin by Luxury Antonovich Design, Top Interior Design Company in Medellin. Choose low-profile furniture such as couches and coffee tables to provide the impression of room height. Use tall, thin bookshelves to make the space look taller by drawing the eye higher and making the walls and windows appear taller. This strategy of combining different heights will also aid in the creation of a calm environment in your house. To create the illusion of a larger space, paint the walls, skirting boards, and ceiling the same color. As time goes on, the line between the walls and the ceiling will become increasingly blurred.



This wonderful villa interior design has been filled with the most opulent décor that has been flawlessly improved with the newest trend of style and furnishings made in the finest modern style where luxury meets modernity. The greatest standards of interior setting have been successfully achieved by Luxury Antonovich Design, which meets aesthetic perfection. This luxury house in Medellin was one of the greatest interior design settings that have been very effectively executed in a sumptuous design, with the outstanding blend of colors and texture over the concrete walls and finishing design.

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