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A world-class company that offers the finest architectural and interior design projects – Luxury Antonovich Design. The world’s renowned company that offers the complete services that contribute an international design and masterpiece. Luxury Antonovich Design is composed of the high caliber professionals that have been engaged to provide the highest standard in every project design execution for architecture, engineering, and interior design.




Over the years of international services, Luxury Antonovich Design has extended its full capacity to provide world-class services for every architectural and interior design project in the United States of America. Having its own office located in the heart of Florida USA, Luxury Antonovich Design has become very hands-on towards every project in the country. Our specialists and professionals are always ready to provide premium class services and the finest design executions.

Would you like to try something new? Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known internationally as the trendsetter when it comes to all types of architecture and interior design creations in all sorts of concept design. Luxury Antonovich Design is using different kinds of advanced technologies and machinery to create every project with the most outstanding design with world-class standards. Luxury Antonovich Design has introduced the smart home system in the international market by featuring in every project especially in a modern structural design. The smart home system features high-definition technology access for the lighting, sounds, temperature, main doors, gate, CCTV cameras, etc. which can have full access in smartphones and tablets. 

Aside from the smart home system, Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly introducing the Mirror TV that gives an ultimate movie, gallery, music, and TV Show experience that gives an extreme elegance in every interior design. One of the recent interior features and decorations that Luxury Antonovich Design has introduced is the digital fireplace design which is commonly being used in Alpine interior design and other projects located in the Northern part of the world. 

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