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A Modern - Classic Interior Design

Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known in the international industry of architectural and interior design as the greatest provider of the most outstanding and prestigious classical interior design and developments. As part of our continuously expanding services towards the international style for architectural and interior design works. We always develop a new trend of style as well as fresh ideas to achieve the best unique interior design. Classical interior design has its natural taste of elegance that will bring out the extra stylish and classy look in the full areas. Modern- Concept design means that it embodies the classical style for the full furniture design at the same time is having the greatest touch of moderniture in every piece as well as in the full decorations and accessories.

This Project has been successfully implemented with the most glamorous and prestigious interior design with the grandeur detail of art in every edge and carving with every decorative material as well as in every furniture design and full arrangement and set up. Every interior design detail has been carefully designed with art and style. We have created the most glamorous entrance area design with the perfect view of the fully luxurious staircase design. Notice how creative the colors and hues have been well combined and executed. The high ceiling and very spacious areas made the full interior design more attractive and glamorous that have the ability to install customized curtains, furniture, decorations, lighting, and chandeliers.

Every area of this project represents a different style of interior design with perfectly crafted with art and full of stylish effect in the full area. It was indeed one of the greatest advantages of this project is to have a very spacious areas that help the full interior design team to do the most accurate design implementations and installations with the greatness of style and full professionalism. Luxury Antonovich Design is always making sure to bring out all the best interior design executions in every project design with full of glam and style that complete the full requirement of every client and exceed their satisfaction.


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