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Silk Horn


Horn furniture is considered a luxury for many because of its rarity and beauty. Its exquisite and clean look is everyone's wish to have in their home. The elegance that comes with it is just phenomenal and dramatic. The inclusion of the material would make your furniture. Luxury Antonovich Design pioneers in creating the most amazing silk horn furniture in today's trend of advanced designs. 


Collaborating with our clients is the most genuine thing that we do. The team of Luxury Antonovich Design has been working with several big-time clients all over the United States and across the world including Africa, the United Arab Emirates and all over Asia. We talk to them, and we want them to be aware of every step that we make in order to create their dream furniture and interior design. It is a collaboration from start to finish; from sketches to full implementation. Our clients are the master of their own design and we are always excited to be working with each and everyone, as we take a new, challenged for every project that we do. Luxury is in the form of our company. Every bit of our project is luxurious and extravagant. The details are crafted in its most amazing form with the enormous team of architects and interior designs combining together to create the most amazing liveable space for the richest. Your characteristic will be asked in the first step of the project in order for us to understand your needs, your scope, and your requirements. Every detail will be granted as long as they are feasible and workable. In Luxury Antonovich Design; every step of the way is a collaboration within our designs and the clients. We are very much excited to be working with you as we want only the best of the best to our clients.

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