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Real luxury bedroom

 A Bedroom Design with full of Glamorous Interior Decoration

Sleeping equals healing. The Bedroom is the part of the house that truly captures the personality. So, when it comes to designing and decorating this particular part of your home it should be very least, know exactly what the owner desires. Our body requires rest and renewal and, to be able to achieve this, we need at least six to seven hours of continuous sleep per day. And, yes, it is easier said than done. A lot of factors affect the quality of rest we get on the daily. Aside from noise and condition of our bed, one of the most important, but often ignored, factors is the color of our room.

What Room Color is best for Sleeping?

Most of the Interior Designer is telling that the red and yellow color is completely inappropriate to apply for the bedroom scheme. However, selecting the proper color to apply in the bedroom should always consider the interests of the owner. Just like the color scheme of the bedroom in this interior design. The full team has been carefully implemented all the design and decoration to be able to suit the requirement of the owner. We can see how unique the entire interior design for this bedroom has been made for the selected king sized bed. As the main feature of this bedroom, the Interior Design Team has been selected one of the most glamorous bed design. The entire bedroom is filled with lavender, beige and gold that brings out complete luxurious interior design.

The composition of a Perfect Bedroom Interior Design

Let us begin with the ceiling design which is composed of a very nice design of having a glamorous circular designed chandelier. The entire walls are filled with different artistic decorations with wall lamps and golden linings. Even the curtains match the entire color scheme of the bedroom having its premium class fabrics. Two glamorous side lamps are placed on both sides of the bed. A wonderful set of a sitting area with a flat-screen TV is placed on one side of the bedroom. The Interior Designer has managed to set up a powder area with a luxurious mirror and having a very nice decoration. This Bedroom Interior Design was indeed another successful work of art that the Luxury Antonovich Design Team has something to be proud of.

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