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Modern Italy Furniture


High-quality Italian furniture designs, with materials that are crafted to give a luxury atmosphere, are seen to be a luxury; but there are ones that provide an astonishing and magnificent design that also comes in a very functional and ergonomic style. Luxury Antonovich Design can personalize a furniture piece for everyone in as fast as we can, as an interior design company in Miami and across the world. We can cater the most intricate details to have your dream furniture come true.

Italian furniture has a very long history which makes them one of the most important furniture styles in the industry. The designs for Italian furniture are usually seen as brilliant, exemplary, and magnificent; and also has a classic vibe into it. In this collection, you will see some amazing designs that you may want to consider in your home.

With modern designs, we are used to seeing minimalist and clean pieces, but what if you want a different take into it? Consider doing an Italian feature in your home to give a fresh take to the trend that we are seeing nowadays.


Have you ever visited a furniture store and made you fall in love instantly? Luxury Antonovich Design has the same vibe when you scan through our collections. We offer interior designs and furniture creations that everyone would love to call their own. For this collection, you will notice the huge influence of top Italian designers crafted to have a beautiful design. Visit our showroom today or contact us to see these pieces in person.

Each and every material used for the furniture pieces help customize the design and give it a personality. The designs symbolize Italian beauty at its best. It might be hard to pick the best furniture pieces for your home, but with Luxury Antonovich Design we can offer and help you have the best designs that are breathtaking. We know that your home is a place to relax and get closer to your family; hence the designs that we have created are quality tested and luxurious on every side. 

Once you envision having an Italian-inspired home, magnificent details come into your mind. Luxury Antonovich Design has it and we have pieces that suit your budget. As an interior design company Florida, we have gathered the best techniques for your home.

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