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Modern style in the works of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design has its own special character of charming tenderness, laconic elegance and high style. The bedroom interior design offered by the creative designer is distinguished by its expressiveness and extravagance. In this interior design of the bedroom, the author improvises with a contrasting range of colors. The most interesting moment in this example of the bedroom interior design is the ceiling decor. It can be attributed to such a direction as the style minimalist. The interior designer takes quite a bold decision and removes such a traditional element of interior lighting in the bedroom as a chandelier. On the smooth pearly white surface of the ceiling, delicate gilded lines look elegant lighting of the interior is provided by modern ceiling lamps, which are placed along the entire perimeter of the ceiling. However, the best in this bedroom interior design is the floor. Almost the entire perimeter of it covered by a soft carpet of silvery steel hue. The author of the project expresses all brightness and extravagance of the idea in this the concept of the bedroom interior with the help of furniture and wall decoration. Original silk wallpaper in a bronze palette with a light ornament is stylishly combined with inserts from the lines of the dark wood. Such decor of the walls harmoniously continues the style of decorating the headboard of the bed. And thus the entire interior of the bedroom acquires a one-piece and completed the look.  

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