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A home's landscaping may be a priceless asset that increases its appeal and value. The increased architectural elements of a well-kept property, such as windows and doors, boost curb appeal and give inhabitants with a sense of security. Mark any existing elements that will not alter on the base map, such as the property line, any trees and plants you want to preserve alive, walkways, walls, sheds, fences, and patios. Locate the windows, doors, air conditioner, utilities, and other services, such as septic tanks.

Make many copies of the base plan after it is completed. Instead of using paper, use tracing paper on top so you may add and remove it without affecting the original. You may make your bubbles in any pattern or form you choose as long as you identify each one with the intended function. It is not necessary for your bubbles to be round. Don't worry about the expense for the time being; this is merely a brainstorming session. Hold on to your ideas for the time being, even if some of them appear strange or implausible, because they will all eventually help you decide what is best for your area.

Fences that block the view of the neighbor's yard, pathways, new flowerbeds, a patio, and a site for the kids' swing set are a few examples of your "bubbles." It may recommend where to put trees and plants or where to remove them. Create a new, flawless final drawing when you've put your bubbles in the appropriate places. Here is your design concept: it must incorporate all of your decisions. Each of these bubbles symbolizes a different project or phase of your landscape design. Your landscape layout vision will remain constant if you maintain the design idea in mind before commencing any job, ensuring that the outcomes mirror your well-thought-out strategy. To offer harmony and simplicity, gardens often employ the same colors.

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