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Among the variety of office furniture, there is the class, which occupy a special position - presidential set. The point is not that it is the most expensive (sometimes - very expensive) furniture. Buyers of this type furniture not just want to show a trivial demonstration of wealth and superiority over the rest, though, of course, all the offices, presented in this section of our website, are made very carefully and accurately, decorated with precious woods, natural leather and expensive paints and full of a variety of awe-inspiring decorative elements.

The main goal of the presidential set - to emphasize the personal or corporate identity. In other words, by choosing furniture of that level, it is necessary to think about how after a while it will look at your memorial museum, telling visitors about you, about your colleagues and partners about the time in which we live. Museum furniture - is not a synonym of outdated furniture, old or exotic. In this case, talking about museum, we emphasize, firstly, that the reliability of this furniture allows its use for many years without any loss of quality, and secondly, - it must necessarily attract the attention by its similarity to respective features of the owner - whether human characteristics, company, region, country or international organization. The possibility of such an identity is always there. As well as large selection of presidential sets represented in our product range is ideally complemented by ample production capacity of factories-manufacturers. Within a reasonable time we can to produce any type-specific structural components under the order.

The entire office can be specifically selected and planned by the owner or consultants - designers. But sometimes even in small individual details in the standard package are sufficient to give the furniture a special uniqueness. It can be a chair or the table of special shapes or sizes, with small encrustation, personalized engraving on the metallic elements or embedded boxes - "secrets". You can focus on these small things because the solution of more global furniture issues (design integrity, friendliness, solid image, reliability, ergonomics and safety of materials used) guarantee the experience and professionalism of factories-manufacturers, who have a long tradition of the production this class furniture. How to choose the office of the Head

Office - a place where the head spends most of the day.

The office, designers calls a "business card" of the enterprise is not accidental: by the style and design of its interior, future partners and customers make the first conclusions about the seriousness, reliability, and stability of the company. In addition, the image of the space plays a significant role in shaping the image of management in the eyes of its employees. Among the styles in the offices of managers, dominated and often intertwined classic and modern style «high-tech» or a «contemporary».

It is also an important requirement when choosing the company representative office - is the functionality and convenience that ensure execution workflows. When working in the office, the manager must feel comfortable and natural.

When choosing the color of furniture in the CEO's office, you can be guided by the advice of psychologists who recommend the use of beige, brown, gray colors that are close to the wood hues.

It is not recommended to furnish the office use black furniture, as this can create the psychologically uncomfortable atmosphere. The combination of bright contrasting colors, too, should not be used in the decoration of the office. For the manufacture of furniture for chief's office, expensive materials are mainly used, which contributes to long service life and ensure the seriousness and representativeness of the image. The furniture in the office of the head should be different from the rest of the furniture in the office by its design, the size, the materials from which it is made, and technical equipment. Necessary set of furniture for manager includes an armchair, chairs for visitors, briefing consoles, cabinets for documents, clothing. An important item in the organization the office is the choice of chair for the head. This chair should be comfortable and with a high back, adjustable in height also has the rocking effect, and definitely fit into the style of the rest of the furniture in the room.

For the office in a classic style is perfect natural wood furniture or MDF. For the office in a modern style more suitable furniture set made of laminated wood chipboard with glass or aluminum decorative elements. The most common materials for the production of exclusive furniture sets - high-quality MDF with melamine coating, laminate or wood veneer.

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