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Interior Design Luxury villa in San Francisco

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio design amazing villas that are the embodiment of a new era of luxurious comfort.

This villa's interior, in San Francisco, reflects modern classics, clear lines, elegant colors, and a supreme uniqueness. This beautiful villa design starts with a beautiful open-way hall that leads to multiple magnificent rooms in the house. This Villa reveals pure luxury and unique beauty. Space has its central axis, and this is expressed in the floor design and ceiling decor. A finely carved pattern of natural marble and onyx inlays is gracefully illuminated, creating a niche-styled ceiling with an ornate chandelier. The luxurious marble staircase with an iron balustrade symbolizes each stage and a golden bas-relief.

The beautiful hall interior is continued in a nice living room, a dining room, and an office. In the living room, a bright palette of colors and an enchanting holiday mood dominate. The luxury furniture is upholstered in milky leather. In the walls decor, mirrors with an original brass style visually expand the space. The abundance of light creates, even in the twilight, the mood of a sunny day. A pleasant coolness is the result of the use of marble in the floors and wall decoration. This contemporary villa design is a combination of home warmth and happiness with exceptional comfort.

We provide the most outstanding villa designs from our creative interior design studio, and each project is based on the exclusivity of conception. We successfully combine traditions and new technologies to bring the most daring design solutions to life.

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