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Gorgeous Interior Design in California


From creative conceptualization to an effective design the solution, this gorgeous interior design in California is formed with aesthetic perfection. Having the greatness in balance in decorations within the entire interior design setting, This luxury mansion interior design is featuring a perfect form of elegance in a luxurious moon of interior setting at the same time has managed to implement the greatness in style having an American touches panache. Choosing a luxurious interior design mood for a luxury mansion was indeed such a very challenging task to perform for every interior designer, however, with the great expertise and professionalism of Luxury Antonovich Design Team, each significant areas of the luxury mansion has very well performed exactly according to every requirement and standards of the property owner.


Luxury Antonovich Design always manages to exceed its capacity to perform the most exquisite design most especially for every staircase design. The staircase design is one of the most awaited areas of every residential interior wherein the connect design should always be very well implemented. By conducting a systematic space planning procedure, performing dramatic design details for the staircase design will absolutely be achieved in the most desirable setting. For a luxury interior design mood, golden design details over the staircase railing will absolutely enhance the greatness of design that will also complement the interior mood. To complete the grandeur of this amazing interior, choosing the best chandelier design will absolutely level up the elegance and style. And since that the staircase design is usually located in the major areas of interiors, Luxury Antonovich Design is usually creating a customized chandeliers design which an extra huge and stylish details that will fit the concept and mood of the interior.


Themed bedrooms have recently become very in-demand even for luxury villas. Decorating luxury bedrooms interior design, it is very important to perform a very smart interior design solution that will be able to represent the personality and lifestyle of the owner. And with this amazing bedroom interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design has been meticulously decorating the bedroom full of glam and elegance in the most sophisticated style. The emerald green details have perfectly matched the metallic gold details that surround the luxury bedroom. And as the Luxury Antonovich Design has conducted a very systematic space planning procedure, the luxury bedrooms have perfectly accomplished with a very functional and stylish interior setting.



Dining rooms is one of the major areas of every residential interior, it requires the most spacious and functional interior design setting. Luxury Antonovich Design has managed to perform the most exquisite dining room interior design at the same time has very detailed touches of a traditional American style interior. Having a perfect lighting arrangement gives a very nice balance of brightness towards the entire dining area. What makes this amazing dining room interior design extra special is how the Luxury Antonovich Design has perfectly selected the best dining table set up and furniture design that truly enhances the style and elegance of the interior.



California is where the seat of the Hollywood entertainment industry. No doubt that most of the residence of this western state have a deep admiration and interest in movie entertainment. Most luxury mansions that are located in California require to have one spot of the house where a home theater can be set up. With a high definition technology, this home theater has been formed with soundproof installed over the walls. Luxury Antonovich Design has selected the best home theater seat which is made up of premium class materials and the finest finishing that will give an absolute comfort to achieve the real big-screen experience. 

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