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Ferrari furniture for boys


We always want to get what our kids want hence this bedroom design is fit for a boy, with a huge vibrant play are to enjoy with, and a spacious interior design that you and your kid can play with. Given the limited space that most homes have, it is important to make the proper planning in creating a child's bedroom. Luxury Antonovich Design has created this flexible interior design with furniture pieces that your boy will love, and a bed that also helps make their Ferrari dream true. Interior design company Florida and across the United States, we are Luxury Antonovich Design ready to take on the most luxurious projects!


We have built an area with a total makeover that your kid will surely love. Although this isn't the main room in your home, you should not disregard this area it is your kid's bedroom. Gone are the days when boring and flat designs are seen in kids' bedrooms! Luxury Antonovich Design has created a safe and beautiful environment that is perfect for sleeping, playing, and resting. It is a place where your boy will have his best time at home.


If your family is busy and doesn't have time to spend and play outdoors, you should consider working on your kid's bedroom. Tell them what they want and who is their favorite character. They will most likely appreciate it if you come up with a design that they truly like and adore. This Cars-themed interior design is definitely perfect for kids ages 4 to 12 years old. You will have an unforgettable bonding time with your kids when you get this beautiful interior design! We recommend you to discuss your ideas with us and we will do our best to come up with a design that your kids have always dreamed of. 


We can't stress it enough - consider your kid's most favorite character or cartoon. It is one of the most important procedures in creating the best bedroom experience for your kid. At the end of the day, we want them to have a relaxing time while enjoying the space that we have created for them. For instance, the client's son loves cars, particularly Ferraris. With this information, Luxury Antonovich Design designed the room with a life-sized ferarri in the middle as a bed and cabinets and bookshelves that follows the theme of the interior design. The strong red color is also very playful to look at. No boring days when your kid sleeps here! Visual aids such as the graphics put in the entire bedroom also help the area become more dynamic and beautiful. For this interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design chose materials and details perfect for the little boy of the home.

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