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Family Room Design

How to Create a Beautiful House Design from a Creative Planning?

Every interior design project that Luxury Antonovich Design is creating begins with a planning phase and home plans. The moment that the project has been started to create, The team creates various versions and layouts, with to completely can do sets of revisions for the project every time. Doing the Family Home design will be very inspirational to share and discussed with the clients or the project owner to be able to discuss and do the updates any time. A floor plan is an important part of the project communication. The Floor Plan will be used to mark all related details from each measurement, lighting and electrical points, and important points that need to be implemented during the installation procedure. The Floor Plan is a stunning way to envision how the finishing result will look like. These benefits clients make choices and conclusions which is helpful to the Architects and Interior designers to be able to develop an idea of what the final outcome should look like. The Floor Plans can be made wide-ranging with specifics such as the schemes of walls, furniture, and accessories, as well as furnishing style and finishes.

A Stylish Family Area by Luxury Antonovich Design

This magnificent Interior design for the Family area has been generated from a very systematic creation of Home plans. All areas have been properly developing with a very efficient planning to be able to achieve the very proper and balance spacing for the full area. This very stylish Family area has been completed with exceptional design and unique pieces of furniture’s and materials and some of it is specially made – customized as per the Project owner required. The Architectural and Interior Design Team has been successfully implemented the home plans as it maximizes all the spaces throughout the entire area. The premium class fabrics have been used for the curtains, sofa chairs sets, and pillows for a very comfortable experience in every stay in this very stylish Family area. Modern style chandeliers have been properly installed that result in a very elegant design. All the furniture’s and materials that have been used are made up of premium class materials from our top leading suppliers from Turkey and Italy. The entire family area has been well decorated with special pieces and unique decorations. Luxury Antonovich design will always bring out all the best Interior design solutions and home plans from its world-class standards. With the great leadership of the chief Designer herself – Ms. Katrina Antonovich and the entire Architectural and design team has been always inspired to continue providing exceptional work throughout every project.

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