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Exterior in modern style

The architectural project of an elite bungalow-style villa reflects the most fashionable trends in the architecture of private real estate around the world. Hollywood stars and successful businessmen choose this style for the construction of their homes.Especially on coasts and resort areas, in mountains. This style in architecture some experts also call modern.This is due to the fact that the external appearance of such buildings always looks extraordinary and breathes originality. The architects of the Antonovich Design studio embodied the best ideas in this project. A special role in how the building is perceived is played by color solutions. With the help of color, the architects emphasized the versatility of the design, and also combined and generalized it. The combination of different materials in the facade decoration favorably emphasizes the plasticity of the building.Shading some architectural details and highlighting others. Thanks to these successful solutions, the building looks very harmonious and proportionate.The highlight of the project become the decoration of the facade. Here the protruding elements are decorated with stylish openwork ornaments.The architectural design of the house is very versatile and takes into consideration all the nuances.Geographic location, sides of the world and national traditions. Pay attention to how harmoniously the house surrounded by beautiful landscape design.Landscape decoration is rather restrained. However, the intersection of decisions in landscaping and the creation of ponds, waterfalls, and fountains gives the area around the house a very luxurious look. Architectural design and landscape design have become complementary solutions.

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