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Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly introducing this fully elegant Luxury – Modern Interior Design which has been filled with an extra sparkling shine of elegance from the Main areas up to every edges areas of the interior. We have been successfully well implemented and executed the perfect shape of the Luxurious effect in the full interior design set up using the most glamorous materials and combining it with the highest quality of style. Everyone will be warmly welcomed with the greatness elegant of Luxury and style with a giant indoor aquarium with salty seawater and deep blue sea fishes and real corals. It has been functionally used as the main wall divider of the entrance area and sitting area. It has been perfectly highlighted with the giant customized chandelier design as well as the high definition lighting display with Swarovski crystals which has been installed from the main ceiling up to the main bottom flooring. Another set of artistic lighting designs has been arranged in every hall sides of the area that gives the perfect blend of brightness in the full area.

Another set of the sitting areas has been perfectly arranged on the other part of the interior which has been filled with the modern style of furniture design decorations up to the very stylish wall paneling design and full decorations. This project was indeed filled with different modern style sitting areas which have different hues and style at the same time is sticking with the modern concept and mood. Every Furniture design is made up of high-quality materials and a premium class of decorations and finishing. Every sitting area has been completed with an extra luxurious and stylish interior design set up and decorations as well as the perfect chandelier and lighting style.

This project has two glamorously designed dining rooms which have been well decorated with the latest trend of furniture design and very playful color selections and style. Every piece has a very fine finishing as the Luxury Antonovich design always prioritize the best selection of style and materials. It is always very important to have a very spacious dining room most especially for a huge project like this to be able to accommodate a huge number of guests and also advisable for the big families.

Luxury Antonovich Design made it sure that every bedroom design will have the best comfort and calming atmosphere for a very relaxing mood. We have been selected as the best bedroom furniture design and style as well as the best comfortable decorations and accessories to complete the wonderful interior design set up for the full bedroom area. Luxury Antonovich Design has a professional joiner team that develops every wardrobe interior design full of class and style and accuracy in the size of the full area. 

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