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Double bedroom design

Royal Style Double Bedroom Interior Design

The Double Bedroom Design or Twin bedroom Design concept ideas are based on the hotel rooms design that offers a double bed in a room. Aside from the fact that has a double bedroom in the house will completely maximize and space saving. That instead of creating two different design for the bedroom, allotting an extra space for the two bedrooms will only require two beds in one room. However, the best technique that shall need to implement in every double bedroom design is maximizing the space while making sure that it will have an amazing interior design result. In the past years of professional and world-class experience of the Luxury Antonovich Design Team when it comes to Architectural and Interior Designing, the full team has become very much familiar on how to create every double bedroom design extra special and stylish. From the Color Scheme that has been selected, we can immediately recognize this bedroom design as a Royal Styled Bedroom Interior.

The composition of a Royal Style Double Bedroom Interior Design

This wonderful interior design for the double bedroom is filled with luxurious decorative materials and furniture. Let us begin with the ceiling scheme and how it has been perfectly done. A grand chandelier made up of crystal and metallic gold has been placed at the center of the bedroom. It has been associated with side lightings and very nice carvings of gypsum works. The entire walls have a neutral color and design as it has a very plain texture, however having a golden lining is what makes it unique. Though this is a twin bedroom, the interior designers still did creatively the backdrop and headboards of the bed. Two matching lamps have been placed between the beds. Take a look on how unique the flooring design has been done; it was indeed exceptional like no other. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been very inspired in creating every interior design and architecture with full passion towards every work and the team is always proudly presenting every wonderful interior design such as this Double Bedroom Design.

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